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HomeCare of the Rockies partners with Home Care Pulse, a third-party company that gathers feedback and satisfaction ratings from our Caregivers. We use the feedback to help us determine how we can improve and provide the best care possible.

Here is what our Caregivers have to say, in their own words taken from the Home Care Pulse surveys, about what it’s like to work for us.

Hands-on training

“I like that there has been no other company that has trained me the way HCR has. I can go into a home and am able to work with all different kinds of people. HCR has taught me about dementia, which I didn’t know a lot about.”Jennifer M.

“I like that the training is done right in front of me and isn’t being read out of a book. I also like that I can meet the client for the first time just to see if it’s a good match with things like the client’s attitude. HomeCare of the Rockies tries to make both the client and me as a caregiver happy, or else re-assign me to someone else.” Ilyas F.

“Other companies don’t give the same type of training. HCR provides training for everyone and pays us for it. The teachers are good.” Kamal S.

“The training was in depth. HCR had people from various backgrounds come and share their personal experiences. It is hands on. It is very informative. I feel like I accomplished something by graduating.” Name withheld by request

“HomeCare of the Rockies stands out from the competition because of the amount of education they provide for us. We are paid to attend classes to stay educated.” Chrissy S.

“HCR offers training before we go to the clients’ homes so we know what we are going to be doing in the shift.”
Cynthia C.

Matching Caregivers to clients

“I am very satisfied with HomeCare of the Rockies as a company. I have worked with them for over 3 years. I have confidence in their ability to manage the care providers and also to select proper clients. The office staff does a good job at selecting clients that we can support.”
Barry L.

“The coordinator matches me with clients based on my personality, temperament, and experience. The training has helped me to become a better caregiver.”
Johanna M.

Communication between Caregivers and the office

“I have never had any problems with the company at all. Everyone is easy to get along with and easy to work for. The office always keeps us updated about any changes, either by text or phone call.”
Nancy L.

The care managers and Sandi, the owner, are good. They intercommunicate. They make my schedule and help with any problems. I know everyone. They know me. They treat me with respect and love me.” Kamal S.

“HomeCare of the Rockies really cares about the clients we have. When we have an issue and call them about it, they are quick to answer and give us a solution. If they see that I am low on hours, they will try to get me hours and try to match me up with a client. There are certain clients that you do better with than others, and they pay attention to that kind of thing. When they get a client that needs your specialized training, they will call you first. Yvonne E.

Caregiver appreciation

“HomeCare of the Rockies are like a small family. It’s a team effort; I’m not by myself. I’m told how much I and my work are appreciated. I feel like my input is valuable.” Linda O.

“For doing extra work, I’ve gotten lunch, gift cards, and special calls just to say that I’ve been doing a good job. HomeCare of the Rockies have been very good to me. They have watched out for me and for clients. I like the fact that someone is available to answer any questions you have or any problems that you may have.” Suzanne L.

“HomeCare of the Rockies cares about their clients and their caregivers, and they are a fair company. I do recommend them. They are always improving. They have always said I am a good worker. They listen to you and treat you like you are one of them. Just because some of the team is in the office doesn’t mean they behave as if they’re above you. You feel like family here. They are as perfect as you can get.” Paula V.

“I like that HomeCare of the Rockies has a good organization. I feel comfortable with the processes, and I feel appreciated. Benefits, such as health insurance, have been added. The management and staff have been helpful because they support me. When I have an issue, I can talk to them about it, and I feel heard.” Pamela G.