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The most advanced caregiver training program available

Developed by HomeCare of the Rockies to address the needs of our clients and how care is delivered, caregivers receive live, hands-on training from educators in a classroom setting versus videos.

The program has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and was chosen as part of their elite Apprenticeship USA program.

The HomeCare 100 training program provides the support, skills, and knowledge you need to provide exceptional care to seniors. Best of all, the more training you complete, the more you earn.

Classroom instruction + hands on training

The 100 hours of training includes 60 hours of live classroom instruction and 40 hours of intensive hands-on training. This linking of classroom knowledge with practical knowledge is what helps you provide the best caregiving possible.

Sessions cover care basics, including:

  • The aging process and aging-related changes
  • Legal and ethical issues for caregivers
  • Infection prevention and caregiver safety
  • Nursing skills and techniques to assist with the activities of daily living, as well as grief and end of life care
  • Intensive dementia/Alzheimer’s care training and preparedness.

The program includes a unit on caregiver wellness and self-care with compassion fatigue, stress management, and wellness strategies.

Classroom instruction + hands on training

Learn more, earn more

HomeCare of the Rockies caregivers enrolled in the HomeCare 100 can earn more with credits earned through the successful completion of each level of training. If you’re new to senior caregiving, we pay for your initial training. We also pay your hourly rate while you’re in training – and cover your shifts while you’re learning.

If you want to be part of the first-in-the-nation team of caregivers to receive advanced training – and increased pay as you learn – then apply today to join our team.

Learn more, earn more