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Home Care Basics

What is home care?

Licensed home care providers, such as HomeCare of the Rockies, Inc., provide companionship and non-medical personal care such including incontinence care, meal preparation, activities of daily living, light housekeeping, and other needs and services, delivered to older adults living in private homes, apartments, assisted living communities, rehabilitation facilities, and even hospitals.

What is the difference between home care, like the kind HomeCare of the Rockies provides, and home health care?

Home health care includes medical care delivered to homebound patients by medical professionals such as doctors, therapists, nurses, and other skilled medical staff. They provide wound care, injections, therapy and other medical procedures and care during scheduled  in-home appointments with the patient, for a limited amount of time. Once the appointment is completed, medical staff leaves.

Home care providers, like our caregivers, stay on-site and assist with non-medical care tasks and often work in cooperation with home health professionals to help seniors. Caregivers assist the senior daily or several times a week and help with the household tasks and routines, and activities of daily living so the older adult can live as independently as possible. Our caregivers are available for overnight shifts and extended daytime hours to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.

How can we start home care with HomeCare of the Rockies?

Call us at 720-204-6083. We’ll ask questions to learn more about your specific care needs and schedule a complementary, in-home assessment to discuss a care plan, hours of care, and answer any of your questions. Then, with a service agreement in place, we’ll develop a customized care plan to support your loved one.

How long does this take? I want to start care now.

It takes about 24-hours from the time you place the initial call to the time we can have a qualified caregiver in your home. Usually, we are able to schedule a care assessment within hours and once that is completed and you have a service agreement, we will schedule your caregiver.

Working with a Qualified Caregiver

Are HomeCare of the Rockies caregivers trained to work with older adults?

Yes, every one of our caregivers is enrolled in the innovative HomeCare 100 Professional Caregiver Training Program, the only training of its kind in the region. Through classroom sessions and hands-on practice they learn about the aging process, how to conduct safe transfers, prepare nutritious meals, assist with bathing and hygiene care and other activities of daily living. They are also trained to enhance comfort, create meaningful activities, and engagement, and provide the kind of companionship that enhances the quality of life for our clients.

Do your caregivers have experience working with those who have dementia?

Yes. Every caregiver receives training specifically in dementia care.

How are your caregivers selected?

After applying, potential caregivers are interviewed and screened through an extensive process. We are looking for individuals who are warm, compassionate, and patient and have a genuine desire to connect and make a meaningful difference in the lives of older adults. Then, caregiving candidates undergo a criminal background check, drug screening, and reference check. If they will be transporting the client, we also check to make sure they have a valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and up-to-date insurance.

Will we always work with the same caregiver?

We know our clients like working with familiar faces. Often, you’ll be working with a couple different members of the care team so we can honor our caregivers shift schedules, vacation time and holidays. Every member of your care team will be trained and qualified to help and they all work together to make sure they are up-to-date on your loved one’s care needs, routines and preferences.

Schedules & Care Visits

Are your services available around-the-clock, even on weekends and overnight?

Absolutely. Our caregivers are available 24/7 and there is someone to take your call at any hour. We are here when you need us.

What if I need to change the schedule or care plan?

Then we will do it. We are here to support you and your loved one. When circumstances change, we can change the plan and care visits to accommodate those needs.

What if I don’t like my caregiver? Can I make a change?

Yes. Your loved one’s care and comfort is our priority and we work hard to  match the needs, preferences, interests, and personality of your loved one to a caregiver who shares those qualities in the hopes of making a comfortable connection. But, if the match isn’t working, please let us know. We will make another match.  

How will I know what kind of care and activity was provided to my loved one that day? Will I get updates?

Yes, you can log into the ClearCare Family Room to get real-time updates about your loved one’s caregiver, activities, schedule, and other details. You can even pay invoices through this application if you prefer.

Your caregiver will also be a great resource for information and available to discuss things with you while they are in the home.  And, you can call our care managers and office team anytime to discuss care changes or questions, and any scheduling or billing issues.

Care Managers are also available for one-on-one meetings in our office.

You can call us day or night at 720-204-6083. We have people answering the phones and we will get back to you ASAP.

Billing & Payment

Does Medicare pay for your services?

Beginning in 2019 Medicare advantage plans are offering limited coverage for some home care services. But, it’s unlikely Medicare will cover the full costs of home care. For more information about Medicare coverage, go to Medicare.gov.

Does my long-term insurance cover the cost of your services?

Yes, most long-term insurance policies do cover some of the costs of home care, but policies and benefits vary widely. Still, even a limited amount of coverage can help offset the costs. We can help you activate your coverage and secure your reimbursement, by filing the necessary paperwork and documentation so you don’t have to worry about the red tape.

How often will I be billed for caregiving services?

HomeCare of the Rockies will send you a detailed, itemized invoice every two weeks. You pay the company directly with a check, credit card, or ACH payment.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You do not pay caregivers, nor do they accept tips or gifts.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. There is no long-term contract. You can add hours as needed and cancel any shift more than a day in advance without charge. Shifts cancelled 24 or fewer hours before a shift is scheduled to begin will be charged the regular shift rate.

Are your caregivers insured in my home?

Yes. HomeCare of the Rockies is an insured and licensed provider of home care and our caregivers are insured through the company.

This is part of our Mission, Vision, and Values, to be Response-able. This means we support our clients, back up our caregivers and we are available, and accessible to discuss any questions, concerns, or ideas about your loved one’s care and comfort — at any time.

You can count on us to abide by our HomeCare of the Rockies mantra “We hear you, we’re on it, and we’ll keep you in the loop.”